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Meet Googoosha…..poet, mezzo soprano, designer and exotic Uzbekistan beauty.

From her desire for self-expression came her poems. From her poems came the music.

Her first serious experiment putting her poems to music was almost 10 years ago with a song called “Nochnaya” (“A Night Story”). The music was written and arranged in tandem with a talented Uzbek composer. The result was a dreamy, jazzy ballad that she sung as gently in Russian. As a vehicle for her words / lyrics it was a perfect match. The success of this, inspired her to collect and organize her poems for future Musical collaborations.

I thought that I’d never organize these into a book of poems. I was writing my poetry on scraps of paper, napkins and on everything that was coming under my hand at the moment, so I was losing them again and again. My poems are rhymed thoughts, sensations and feelings, that is why they have become really valuable to me over the years – these are various pages of life, of the things that “shape” a soul of a person. The flavor of self-comprehension in these poems made them sound like melodies of life”. – Googoosha

Just like life, Googoosha’s debut album takes you through many moods, experiences, and lessons. It’s an exotic potpourri of sounds and a personal testimony to the power of deeply felt emotions. It’s a very brave approach through modern pop, trip-hop and soft rock from the buoyant rhythms and sultry vocals of the opening song “Night” to the in-your-face “How Dare”, the empowering ear-candy beats of ‘Wake Up”, to the dreamy revelations of “I’m Alive” to the dance floor pumper “Round Run”. She sings all of the songs in English.

Googoosha’s musical influences range from Massive Attack, Adele, Moby, Imogen Heap, Kanye West to Sade.

For her self-titled debut album (US release June 5, 2012), she worked with the renowned Russian producer and composer Maxim Fadeev. (Maxim’s past work includes creating arrangements for Enigma). The first single “Round Run”(and various mixes of the song) will be released in April. The album will also be released in Asia, Russia, and a number of other European countries.

These are Googoosha’s life experiences…listen, dance, celebrate and reflect. Listening to her music you feel she has confided in you. She has.